Why Replace an Old Toothbrush?

Brushing and flossing your teeth are important parts of your day. You know you need to keep your mouth clean with this regimen to ensure your smile stays healthy. And to accomplish this, you need to use the best tools.

When you run out of toothpaste or floss, you buy new supplies. But did you know that you need to purchase a new toothbrush every few months as well?

Ensure you maintain optimal oral hygiene by employing the most effective tools, including a fresh toothbrush. Read on to discover the importance of tossing your old toothbrush and buying a new one on a regular basis.

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What Happens to a Toothbrush Over Time?

Your toothbrush features firm bristles attached to a plastic handle that will scrub away plaque, lingering food particles, and other residues from your teeth during your oral hygiene routine. Over time, these bristles will wear down and start to fray with frequent usage.

Then they will lose their ability to clean your teeth properly. In turn, you might see a higher chance of forming major dental problems that will disrupt the look and feel of your smile.

A toothbrush will also accumulate germs from both your mouth and the surroundings where you store it. Even if you rinse your toothbrush before and after your oral hygiene regimen, these residues will take their toll after a while.

Trying to cover your toothbrush head when not in use will breed mold and bacteria, so do not do this. Instead, toss a toothbrush when it gets old and buy a new one.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

A traditional, manual toothbrush will need replacement every three to four months. After this point, the bristles on the brush will fray, and you cannot rely on them to get your smile as clean as it needs to be. An electric toothbrush features shorter bristles, so you will need to replace their heads more frequently, about every 12 weeks.

If you notice the toothbrush bristles fraying before this time, you will need to replace the brush sooner. Another case in which you would want to buy a new toothbrush is if someone in your home gets sick. Then you would want to replace all the toothbrushes in the household to avoid spreading the illness.

What Occurs If You Use a Worn Toothbrush?

If you continue using a toothbrush even when its bristles grow worn, you could risk leaving harmful residues on your smile. You cannot scrub them away effectively, and particles will start to eat away at your dental structure.

This could weaken your teeth, putting you in danger of cavities and other serious dental problems. While a dentist can treat these concerns, you can save time and money and preserve your natural smile with effective preventative dental care and oral hygiene.

Use appropriate and functional hygienic equipment, including fresh toothbrushes, to best fight these dental issues. For more at-home oral health care advice, call your dentist and schedule an appointment.

Articles By: Dr. Fabrizio Dall'Olmo