Restorative Dentistry Santa Monica, CA

At our Santa Monica, CA dentist office, restorative dentistry focuses on maintaining and restoring the natural synthesis of oral aesthetics and function for natural smiles that look and feel great. Dr. Fabrizio Dall’Olmo provides personalized and comprehensive dental treatment plans that are designed to support the natural structure and function of the teeth and gums. We also offer long lasting dental implant treatments that mimic the design of natural teeth and periodontal therapies that restore the integrity of the gums.

An intact tooth is the perfect synthesis of beauty and strength…

A highly trained periodontist, Dr. Dall’Olmo offers patients the benefit of 20 years of dental implant and periodontal dentistry experience. Dr. Dall’Olmo has continued to advance his education and stays current on the most modern dentistry available.

Our dental office provides individualized dental care that is centered on maintaining, restoring and enhancing the natural function and biological mechanics of the teeth, gums, and bite. Through implant dentistry and periodontal therapy, Dr. Dall’Olmo works with the natural structure of the smile to restore optimal oral health.

Our Restorative Dental Services

We offer full-service restorative dentistry procedures. Our staff helps patients through every phase of treatment from initial planning to recovery. We advocate interactive patient education so that our patients can make informed decisions about their dental care. Dr. Dall’Olmo works with patients to provide them with a treatment plan that will restore their oral health and support their long term well being.

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We have built our Santa Monica dental practice on the simple principles of trust and honesty. Dr. Dall’Olmo offers patients a high level of respect and facilitates and encourages open communication. Our dental care team believes that patient education and honest communication builds healthier, happier smiles. Our compassionate and highly dedicated dental care team provide modern dentistry in a warm, welcoming, patient-focused environment.

Dr. Dall’Olmo incorporates the biologic principles developed in periodontics and implant dentistry to help patients preserve as much of the natural integrity of their oral health as possible- for as long as possible. Bio-Emulative dentistry places an emphasis on the importance of the existing natural oral structure, not the use of dental restorations to replace otherwise healthy tissue.

Contact our Santa Monica, CA dentist office or request an appointment online. Dr. Dall’Olmo offers additional dental services to patients that have other dental concerns. We accept new and returning patients of all ages from Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and surrounding communities to see the difference quality and conservative dentistry can make. Our dental care team are highly trained and provide compassionate dental care to all of our patients.