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Dental Bridge An Overview

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Dental bridges are made of a metal structure with one or more porcelain teeth anchored by adjacent teeth or dental implants. They commonly replace a single tooth or a row of consecutive missing teeth. We design the bridge to look and feel as much like your natural teeth as possible. When you’re showing off your smile, people shouldn’t be able to tell that you have a restoration.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional bridges are usually removable and use your natural teeth to anchor them in your mouth. They’re quicker and easier to get compared to implant-supported bridges because they don’t require a surgical component. They’re also cheaper for this reason. We recommend these as a temporary solution or to test the restoration out.

Because they use your natural teeth as anchors, those natural teeth take on a lot of stress from the bridge. We must remove tooth structure to prepare the teeth to support the bridge. Some of this stress can be alleviated by placing dental crowns on these anchor teeth. The crowns will take on the stress of the bridge instead of your natural teeth. However, we must remove even more tooth structure to place a dental crown.

Removable bridges take more upkeep to maintain them as well. You must take them out and clean them properly daily to avoid bacteria and debris buildup. Wearing them too long can irritate your mouth because they aren’t meant to be a permanent fixture.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Instead of relying on existing teeth to support a dental bridge, this option uses dental implants on either side of the span instead. We recommend this option whenever possible to our patients. It doesn’t compromise more healthy teeth like the removable option. However, it is a more involved process and costs more as well. Dental implants require surgical placement into your jaw. After they’re placed, they require 3-6 months of healing before the final restoration is placed.

Unlike with traditional bridges, you get many benefits from the implants. They replace the tooth root, stopping jawbone deterioration from continuing. Removable bridges must be readjusted or replaced, possibly multiple times in your lifetime. The jawbone continues to deteriorate, constantly changing the fit of the bridge. It has to fit in a certain way to ensure you can actually use the restoration.

You also get back almost 100% of your bite function. Removable bridges require you to remove certain foods from your diet because they put too much stress on the restoration. This isn’t a problem with implant-supported ones.

Implant-supported bridges are fairly easy to take care of. You just have to brush like you would your natural teeth. You may need special tools to ensure you can floss around the bridge correctly, but otherwise, nothing much changes. They’re a permanent fixture in your mouth; you never have to take them out.

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Dental Bridge What to Expect

The dental bridge procedure will vary depending on the type of bridge you choose to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Dall’Olmo will ensure that every patient fully understands the procedure process and are fully prepared for each phase of treatment. During your initial consultation, we’ll thoroughly examine your mouth. We discuss your medical history, dental goals, and budget to determine the best solution for you.

For patients who choose a traditional dental bridge, their first phase of treatment will be preparing the adjacent teeth. Once prepared, a mold is taken of the mouth and used to create a custom-designed dental bridge restoration. Once the bridge is fabricated, you will return to our Santa Monica, CA dentist office for a final fitting and adjustments. This process usually only takes a few weeks.

We’ll have to start by placing the dental implant posts for an implant-supported bridge. This surgical procedure requires 3-6 months of downtime afterward. The posts must completely fuse with the jawbone to provide the stability you want. We’ll monitor your progress and create a custom dental bridge to the specifications of your smile. We’ll place this bridge when the implants have healed and ensure everything fits properly.

Dr. Dall’Olmo provides dental bridges and many dental services in Santa Monica, CA.

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