What Is Bio-Emulative Dentistry Santa Monica, CA

Bio-emulative dentistry sits at the crossing of biology and mechanics, of function and aesthetics, aiming to replicate the tooth in its majestic functional capabilities and in its native beauty. It focuses on maximum conservation of tooth structure and the avoidance of root canals.

bio-emulative dentistry in Santa Monica CA

What Is Bio-Emulative Dentistry?

An intact tooth is the perfect synthesis of beauty and strength. Its parts, enamel and dentin, individually weak, join as a unit to produce an engineering miracle of strength.

From a philosophical standpoint, modern bio-emulative dentistry adopts as a core value the integrity of the residual healthy tooth structure. This is in contrast with the core value of traditional dentistry, which highlights the integrity of the dental restoration instead. The result of such a radically different approach is apparent in the mode of failure between the two: friendly and repairable in bio-emulative dentistry and catastrophic and necessitating repeat or additional dental treatment in traditional dentistry.

In many situations, traditional dental restoration often “sets up” the tooth to continue losing strength and integrity by placing an emphasis on the actual restoration instead of the preservation of as much natural structure as possible.

A pre-requisite of bio-emulative dentistry is the preservation of tooth vitality and the long term maintenance of natural structure. That is why the goal of bio-emulative dentistry is no root canals and no crowns. Central to this type of approach to your dentistry is the in depth knowledge gained through the study and practice of both periodontics and implant dentistry.

Both fields rely on a “marriage” of natural biology and man made materials for a result that integrates the restoration to support the biologic. This is in opposition to many traditional treatment approaches, which integrate the biologic to support the restoration.

Dr. Dall’Olmo seeks to address your preventive dental care and the long term maintenance of your smile with appropriate dentistry that preserves your teeth, gums and jaw joints to reduce the further break down of healthy tooth structure.