Tooth Extraction Santa Monica CA

Tooth Extractions An Overview

Dr. Dall’Olmo believes that dental care should promote long term stability of the natural function of the bite and smile. For many patients, extracting a tooth and replacing it with a dental implant is a more productive alternative to a root canal or dental crown.  These  “quick fixes” leave the damaged tooth susceptible to further deterioration and jeopardizes the patient’s overall bite function and health. Dr. Dall’Olmo provides tooth extractions as part of his dental services offerings to patients.

Extracting a damaged tooth or a tooth affected by decay and replacing it with implants not only offers long term stability, it also reduces the chances of needing future dental treatment to repair that tooth.

For some patients, dental implants can be implanted on the same day as the extraction. For other patients, a subsequent appointment may need to be made for the implant procedure. A dental implant requires healthy bone and gum tissue to be successful. If a root canal is infected, or the bone is compromised the patient may require additional treatment before receiving the dental implant.

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Tooth Extractions What to Expect

Tooth extractions are routine dental treatment. Patients are typically surprised at how comfortable they are during the tooth extraction. Dr. Dall’Olmo uses a local anesthetic for a patient’s optimal comfort and alternative sedation dentistry options are also available. 

The patient experience will vary depending on their personalized treatment plan. Patients will be fully informed and guided through every phase of their treatment.

Our staff will provide patients with post care instructions outlining any dietary restrictions or necessary maintenance. Most patients recover quickly with in a few days. Should any sharp pains or excessive bleeding occur, contact our Santa Monica dentist office immediately.

Dental Implants

tooth extraction dental implant dr dallolmo
Periodontist Dr. Dall’Olmo has over 20 years of experience placing dental implants. Our dental practice is founded on the main principle that the natural biology and mechanics of the teeth and bite promote optimal oral health. Dr. Dall’Olmo uses dental implants because they are the most natural way to repair and maintain the natural function of the smile.

We offer a full range of dental implant treatments. Implants can be used to replace one missing tooth or a full arch of missing teeth. Dr. Dall’Olmo uses precise and comprehensive treatment planning to reduce the impact and save patients time and money. In many cases, tooth extraction and the dental implantation can occur during the same surgical procedure.