Crooked Teeth Are More Than Just A Cosmetic Concern

Crooked teeth can become a serious issue, much more than just the way your smile looks. Crooked teeth have been linked to tooth decay, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), gum disease and self-esteem issues. While you may think that it may not be worth it to spend the extra money on a cosmetic issue, however after learning about the issues that can arise from crooked teeth, you will quickly learn that you will be saving money in the long run.

What Issues Can Crooked Teeth Cause?

Difficulty Cleaning

  • It is very simple; straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. Crooked teeth will create teeth that overlap neighboring teeth making it next to impossible to clean them even with a toothbrush and dental floss. Also, crooked teeth will create gaps and spaces within your smile that will give bacteria a place to hide and grow eventually leading to cavities and even gum disease.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

  • Often referred to as TMD or TMJ, crooked teeth can cause your jaw unnecessary stress especially on your temporomandibular joints. Everyone has a TMJ that is connected to your jaw, and when this becomes stressed, it will cause you very uncomfortable jaw pain when your eating and chewing.

Halitosis / Bad Breath

  • Not only do crooked teeth look unappealing but they can smell even worse. We are not talking about bad breath as in just eating onion or a piece of garlic. We are talking about bad breath that is caused by tooth decay and trapped food.

Self Esteem Issues

  • You may not even realize that you are doing it, but you are most likely avoided smiling directly with people that you just meet. This is most likely due to you being embarrassed by your crooked teeth. This can affect you negatively in many social events in your life such as work-related meetings, presentation, and even your dating life (If you are single). Crooked teeth can put a damper on that new promotion or giving yourself the confidence to ask out your crush to a movie.

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Articles By: Dr. Fabrizio Dall'Olmo