When to Schedule Dentist Appointments

Once we first start to grow teeth in infancy, we need to take care of them. And this involves attending dentist appointments. But as we grow into busy adults, we might wonder if the anticipated hassle of going to the dentist’s office is really necessary.

When you attend a dental check-up, your dentist completes crucial care that prevents dental emergencies and keeps your smile looking and feeling its best. Without it, you might see severe deterioration of your teeth and gums.

So make sure you visit your dentist as often as recommended. You can feel more inclined to do so when you know more about this routine dental care. Read on to learn about the importance of regular dentistry services and how they maintain your good oral health.

When to Schedule Dentist Appointments

Why Attend Routine Dentist Appointments?

During a routine dental appointment, the dentist will begin by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Though you complete your own oral hygiene regimen, this cleaning from your dentist will get rid of plaque in spots where your toothbrush cannot reach easily, like near the gumline. Without this dental attention, plaque will cling to your smile and eat away at your dental structure. This may leave you vulnerable to serious dental concerns.

Your dentist will also perform an oral exam during this check-up. They check your teeth and gums for early signs of dental problems. This way, they can offer swift intervention to treat them before they cause lasting damage.

Annual dental x-rays can allow a dentist to see the interior of your teeth to reveal more details about your oral health. And with this imaging, the dentist can better monitor and anticipate potential issues with your smile.

How Often Do I Need Dental Check-Ups?

The average dental patient should schedule a routine dentist appointment every six months. This window is ideal to remove stubborn plaque with a dental cleaning before it can damage your smile. And it allows dentists to spot dental concerns and treat them before they wreak too much havoc on your oral health.

Some dental patients might need to see their dentist on a more frequent basis. For instance, patients over the age of 50, those with a higher chance of forming tartar, and people with underlying health concerns might need to see their dentist three or four times a year. Call your dentist to find the right preventative dental care plan for your unique smile.

What Do I Do During a Dental Emergency?

Even if you attend your regular dentist appointments, accidents might happen that impact your oral health. If you suffer a dental emergency, such as severe tooth pain or a knocked-out tooth, do not wait until your next scheduled dental check-up. Call your dentist right away about any dental problems.

These issues can worsen and lead to severe dental damage if you delay contacting your dentist for urgent care. You can save time, stress, and money if you seek prompt attention for an oral health problem.

Articles By: Dr. Fabrizio Dall'Olmo