Promote Wellness by Smiling

You likely think that smiling is an involuntary facial expression that occurs when you feel joy. But the inverse is also true. When you smile, you can make yourself feel happier. Then, the resulting happy feeling will lead to health benefits.

So if you smile more often, you can see better overall health as a result. But if you feel dissatisfied with the way that your teeth appear, you might want to hide your smile. Then you will miss out on these wellness benefits.

A dentist can evaluate your smile and find ways to help you achieve the smile of your dreams when you schedule a cosmetic dental consultation. Read on to learn details about how smiling influences your well-being and how a dentist can help you enhance the look of your smile.

Promote Wellness by Smiling

How Does Smiling Affect Your Health?

The act of smiling involves stretching muscles at the corner of your mouth so that the lips lift upward. At the same time, the movement contracts muscles at the edge of your eyes. The combination of muscle motions triggers a reaction in your brain to produce certain hormones that improve your mood.

Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine all release from your brain, and these hormones affect your body in numerous ways. You can see natural pain relief and stress reduction.

With less strain on your body, you can feel more relaxed and happier. And you can see a lower risk of chronic health concerns, including problems with blood pressure and digestion. Learn more by consulting your dentist or other health professional.

How Can I Boost Confidence in My Smile?

As mentioned, you can miss out on highly beneficial effects that stem from smiling if you do not feel satisfied with your smile’s aesthetics. Dental discoloration, misalignment, and other aesthetic concerns could cause you to want to hide your teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist can examine your smile and provide personalized treatment to accomplish your smile aesthetic goals. With a gorgeous smile, you can show it off proudly and reap wellness benefits as a result. And they can do so without compromising your oral health.

Some patients may want to make their smiles brighter. Whether their teeth seem yellow, dark, or dull in color, a dentist can find a way to give you the pearly white smile of your dreams. Professional teeth whitening uses bleaching materials to lift tooth stains and make your smile several shades brighter.

However, not all dental discoloration responds to bleaching. In these cases, a dentist might recommend porcelain veneers. These custom-made caps adhere to the front of the teeth to cover stubborn stains and make your teeth look stunning as well as natural.

Veneers also can make teeth appear straighter and more regular in shape according to your unique smile goals. These fixtures will also resist staining and decay for long-lasting results. Cosmetic bonding can similarly achieve your aesthetic goals though the effects will not endure for as long.

Your dentist can also improve the appearance of your gums with targeted cosmetic periodontal solutions. Find the right treatment for your desired results by scheduling an appointment today.

Articles By: Dr. Fabrizio Dall'Olmo