Preparing for Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that you should attend regular dental check-ups at your dentist’s office every six months or so? These visits provide you with crucial preventative oral health care, like teeth cleanings, that lower your risk for many dental problems like cavities.

Whether this is your first visit with a practice or you intend to see your usual dentist, knowing what you should do ahead of your appointment can allow you to have a more positive experience at the dentist’s office. Read on to find three steps you can take before your routine dental cleaning appointment to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Preparing for Your Next Teeth Cleaning

Complete Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

Before you head to your dentist appointment, you may feel tempted to brush your teeth a bit harsher or more intensely than you typically would as an attempt to make up for any missed oral hygiene practices. But you should not brush or floss excessively. Stick to your usual oral hygiene habits.

Harsh brushing can irritate your gums and harm your tooth enamel. And the effort will not reverse any damage from lingering plaque that remains on your smile due to lapsed oral hygiene.

Instead, adhere to consistent and thorough oral hygiene regimens. This ensures you remove harmful residues from your smile in a timely fashion. Your dentist will still need to complete professional teeth cleaning to remove residues from spots where floss and a toothbrush will not reach, so do not skip these appointments.

Take Note of Any Dental Anxiety

Even if you have attended many teeth cleanings in the past, you might still feel nervous about upcoming dental work. Fear of the dentist is common and affects about 20% of adult dental patients. But dental anxiety can also prove debilitating and interfere with your ability to receive the oral healthcare that you need.

Before you head to your dental appointment, take note of your comfort levels. If you feel nervous, consider engaging in relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises. Prepare to maximize your comfort at the dentist’s office by wearing loose and comfortable clothing that suits lying back in a dental chair.

Communicate any nervousness with your dentist as well. They can consider your feelings and approach your dental work accordingly. They may also recommend sedation dentistry that can induce a calm sensation while you undergo your teeth cleaning.

Bring All Necessary Items to Your Dental Appointment

Check that you have all necessary items related to your dental appointment before you leave your home. This will include your dental insurance card. The front office staff will ask to confirm your insurance details, so you should have this handy to avoid confusion and delays.

If you wear oral appliances, bring them to the dentist’s office too. The dentist will want to examine your removable dentures, Invisalign aligners, and other devices along with your mouth. Without these items, your oral exam might be incomplete and you may miss out on important dental care.

Articles By: Dr. Fabrizio Dall'Olmo