The Philosophy and Practice of Bio-emulative Dentistry

In order to provide you with the best service and dental care, Dr. Fabrizio Dall’Olmo provides treatment that stands out from traditional dentistry. His bio-emulative dental philosophy has led him to a more a holistic approach to preserving the form and function of your natural smile for optimal oral health.

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What is the Philosophy of Bio-Emulative Dentistry?

“An intact tooth is the perfect synthesis of beauty and strength. Its parts, enamel, and dentin, individually weak, join as a unit to produce an engineering miracle of strength.” -Dr. Dall’Olmo

At its core, modern bio-emulative dentistry is about the preservation of tooth vitality and the long-term maintenance of your natural smile. It requires deep knowledge of and experience with both periodontics and implant dentistry. These fields both can use man-made materials to support your natural smile, as opposed to the traditional, modern approach of using the biologic matter to support restoration. Our dental care team also works to establish authentic patient-dentist relationships through open and honest communication. Dr. Dall’Olmo takes time to meet with each patient to make sure they understand all aspects of their care and treatment options.

How Does a Bio-emulative Approach Affect My Care?

Now that you know the philosophy of bio-emulative dentistry, you may be wondering how this approach is applied to your care in practical terms. Because bio-emulative dentistry focuses on the maximum conservation of tooth structure, we avoid treatments such as root canals and crowns, which compromise the integrity of your teeth. Root canals weaken your natural infrastructure, which can lead to a downward spiral of further damage and decay. The result is more expensive and time-consuming follow-up treatments.

As an alternative, Dr. Dall’Olmo offers treatments that focus on preserving your natural smile, as well as maintaining and enhancing the natural oral structure, function of the natural teeth and overall oral anatomy. We offer a full range of general dentistry services to help patients maintain their optimal oral health, including:

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